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Entomologica Americana, the journal of The New York Entomological Society, publishes original research on the taxonomy, classification, phylogeny, biogeography, behavior and natural history of insects and other arthropod taxa from the Americas. Manuscripts are published as research articles, shorter scientific notes or book reviews. Costs of publishing in EA are paid by subscriptions, membership dues, page charges and the proceeds from a bequeathed endowment from the late C. P. Alexander and Patricia Vaurie.


Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through Allen Track ( Please follow instructions carefully before submitting a manuscript. For additional instructions, see


General Guidelines

Manuscripts should be in English, doubled spaced, in Times New Roman, 12-point font and with 1 inch margins.


General Layout

Manuscripts should have:

1)      Title Page with title, author names and institutions, and a short running title. Family names and higher taxon should be separated by a colon, e.g., Hymenoptera: Vespidae.

2)      Abstract (for research articles only) with no longer than 250 words and a list of three to five key words.

3)      Main Text organized by sections with appropriate headings (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion).

4)      Acknowledgments.

5)      Literature Cited that follows the CBE (now CSE) style with journal titles spelled out entirely.

6)      Table Legends that provide a complete description of table information.

7)      Figure Legends that provide a complete description of figure items.

8)      Figures that are as a single plate, with items within the figure identified by letters. Please indicate whether figures should be one-column (2 5/8 ”) or two-column (5 ”) reproductions. Black and white line illustrations, halftones and line/halftone combinations do not incur additional charges. Color figures incur additional expenses to the author of approximately $900.00 per page. Refer to figures in text as Fig. 1, or Figs. 1 and 2.


Conventions: Manuscripts with cladistic analyses should include a separate file of the data matrix for verification of calculations by reviewers. Scientific names should be italicized and upon first mention should be complete with the author’s name unabbreviated (except for Linnaeus and Fabricius).

Taxonomic Works: Each described taxon should have the following components: Heading, Synonymy, Diagnosis, Description, Etymology, Specimens Examined. Refer to Schuh & Wu in Issue 115 #1 for formatting style.

Proofs: Authors will receive hard copy page proofs from the publisher (Allen Press) once a manuscript has been accepted for publication. Corrected proofs should be sent promptly to the Managing Editor to avoid publication delays. Keep proof revisions to a minimum; alterations in proof will be charged to the author at the rate of $3.25 per revised line.

Charges: Society members will be charged $23.00 per printed page, which includes black and white figures. Non-members will be charged $65.00 per printed page. Member authors who are students or without institutional affiliation may petition NYES for a waiver of page charges for up to eight pages a year.


Authors may order reprints from Allen Press upon receiving their proofs.



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