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FiberTrap: Revolutionary Bed Bug Technology

Speakers: Christopher Nelson, CEO & Harry Shan, Ph.D.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 7-8:30 pm

Kaufmann Theater

Christopher Nelson is CEO of FiberTrap, LLC and has been involved with the research and development of the product for the past 7 years. Chris has consulted with an entomologist (who attends NYES meetings) and has run countless tests with trap design and bed bugs to understand insect behavior and how these traits can be used to an advantage. Chris comes from a background in commercial real estate and has dealt with bed bugs in many of the units. The bed bug infestations prompted the evolution of FiberTrap.


Harry Shan is a chemist and materials scientist currently serving as vice president/chief scientist at FiberTrap LLC where his expertise is in engineering micro/nano-scale plastic fiber through nanotechnology for various eco-friendly applications.  Harry focuses on exploring the innovative application of ‘green’ materials for pest control, especially for bed bugs, and developing pheromones for behavior modification. His research interests and goal are to utilize environmentally friendly and economic materials into solving real life problems, such as pest infestation, chemical hazard and environmental pollution. Harry earned a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Chemical Engineering from Stony Brook University and has published multiple research papers ranging from nanotechnology, nanocomposites to plastics engineering. His research work with FiberTrap for insect elimination technology gained considerable recognition from numerous media organizations including Toronto Star, Newsday, Times Union, to name a few.


Chris and Harry will introduce the audience to various bed bug monitors and traps currently on the market today, discuss active versus passive actions in monitoring and trapping devices, and explain the use of bed bug pheromones and their incorporation into FiberTrap. They will explain preventative maintenance programs with FiberTrap, and how to minimize liability as a landlord/hotelier with FiberTrap. Lastly, Chris and Harry will discuss the application of FiberTrap technology and its use in monitoring populations of other species of insects.  Insect population monitoring without having to remove specimens from glue!


Please attend this most informative lecture.

Where:                Kaufmann Theater, AMNH (West 77th Entrance)

Date:                   Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Time:                   7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Dinner:    Senn Thai Comfort Food, 452 Amsterdam Avenue, 9:00PM

Society meetings are always open to the public with no admission charge.

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